Forensics (Public Speaking)

    Forensics is a competitive activity that starts at the end of winter and follows through until spring.  Basically, this is a speaking competition with the following categories included: solo acting, prose, farrago, impromptu, group interpretation, play-acting, poetry, demonstration, extemporaneous, 4-minute speech, moment in history, oratory, public address, radio speaking, special occasion, and storytelling.

    Once you pick a piece, it is up to you to practice.  A majority of the practicing is done on your own, however, there are individual practices required to be done with the coach.

    There are three major competitions.  Sub-district is the first one which is held in February.  Anyone who makes it through that competition goes on to District in Stevens Point in March.  Anyone who makes it through that competition goes on to State in Madison, which is held in April.

    The extent of the benefits of going out for Forensics depends on how much you put into it.  It will help you get better at speaking in front of people.

    So, if you're interested in speaking, drama, or competing, join Forensics; it's a lot of fun.

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Dee Brewster

Mrs. Dee Brewster