Elementary ITLC/Library

Welcome to the Athens Elementary ITLC!!!

Our media center is here to provide excellent resources for

students in grades PK-5.  

Online Resources for Students

Our Library Card Catalog

Search our card catalog to find books and other materials that you would like!!!

Find an E Book

Find an E Book to check out from our library. Or just look an E Book from the browser.  aesguest athens

Accelerated Reader

Use this cite to use Accelerated Reader.

Marathon County Public Library

Use the Marathon County Public Library Site to find books that may not be in the Athens Elementary Library.  These books can be requested and delivered to the Athens Public Library next to the Community Hall.  Get a Athens Public Library Card today!!!


This is a great resource for doing any type of research.

DIctionary and Thesaurus

Want to look up a word's definition?  What to find a better word?  Use this site for a dictionary or a thesaurus.


A great place to find maps.

World Atlas

This is a database of maps for all countries, flags of the world, fast facts, land statistics, and even time across the world.

Centennial Book

The Athens Centennial Book from 1990.

Online Resources for Staff

Mailbox and Teacher's Helper Access

Use your username and password to have access to Mailbox and Teacher's Helper.


Log-in to Safari Montage. Need username and password.

Brain Pop

Use your username and password on this page.  Please remember that there is a different username and password after school hours.

Learning A-Z

Use this site to get to Reading A-Z, Raz-Kids, and Writing A-Z.

Book Flix

Use the site to have a book read to your students.  Super books and subject titles.  

Web 2.0 Tools 

Wordle - www.wordle.net/

Great tool to make a word cloud.

Tagzedo - www.tagxedo.com/

Another great site to make a word cloud.  This one uses color and can form the words to the shape desired.

Thinglink - https://www.thinglink.com/

This is a place where you can take a picture and add points to it with information--all interactive.

Blabberize - blabberize.com/

Find a picture and make it talk!!!

Kahoot - https://getkahoot.com/

Great way to make an interactive game.  Students can connect and answer your questions.

Poster My Wall - www.postermywall.com/

Great place to make a poster.  Can create own or use a template.

StoryBird - https://storybird.com/

Construct a story using artful pictures.

Story Jumper - www.storyjumper.com/

Create a story.

PowToons - www.powtoon.com/

Create an animated story.

Easel.ly - www.easel.ly/

Create cool infographics!!

Livebinders - www.livebinders.com/

Students (or teachers) can create their own live binder.

YTTM - yttm.tv/

Great place to find information about a certain time.

Buncee - www.buncee.com/

Great tool for presentations!!!

Bubbl.us - https://bubbl.us/

Great place to do a concept map.

SpiderScribe - www.spiderscribe.net/

Great mind-mapping too.

Brainscape - https://www.brainscape.com/

Make your own flashcards.

Voki - www.voki.com/

Make your own speaking avatar!!!

One Word - www.oneword.com/

This site is meant for both teachers and students.  Use this as a minute activity to sharpen your brain power and your writing skills.

Chart Go - www.chartgo.com/

Great place to make a chart--no account needed.

Pie Color - piecolor.com/

Great site to make a pie chart.

Tildee - www.tildee.com/

Write your own instructions to a project.

Lucid Charts - https://www.lucidchart.com/

Excellent site to make a brainstorming chart.