Welcome to the Athens Elementary School Guidance page.  My name is Dan Nowak and I am the School Counselor for the Athens School District.  I am here to assist students in grades 4K - 12.  I will be at AES two days a week and AMS/AHS three days.   

At Athens Elementary School, my role is to assist students with their career, academic and personal needs.  Both the teachers and I  will be using the Second Step curriculum (http://www.cfchildren.org/second-step) through the school year.  This curriculum  focuses on four main areas:

  • Skills for Learning - students learn to self regulate so they can stay focused on learning

  • Empathy - students learn to understand how others may feel

  • Emotion Management - students learn skills to calm down strong emotions

  • Problem Solving - students learn to solve conflicts

We will also be doing a unit on Bullying Prevention - students will learn to recognize bullying, how to respond to bullying, and how to report bullying.

On this website you will find resources for both students and parents.  Please let me know if there is anything I can do to assist you or your child.

Dan Nowak

email: dnowak@athens1.org

phone: (715) 257-7511  ext 228