Technology Page

Welcome to the School District of Athens Technology Page!

At the School District of Athens we feel that technology should not take over and replace the classroom but help enhance the student's learning experience. Our focus is to provide the most up to date technology to help our educators teach and to help our students learn in the modern tech age. 

Our 1-to-1 initiative for all students, the first in our area, provides a device to every student in the district no matter what grade level. This allows are students to have instant access to their files through Google Apps for Education, collaboration with their peers or educators, and the ability to use great online curriculum resources to enhance learning.

With the understanding that we cannot provide every class that are students maybe interested in, we have partnered up with the Central Wisconsin Educational Telecommunications Network (CWETN) to provide additional opportunities from other districts. With the help of CESA 10 in Chippewa Falls we are able to allow are students to take course through video and/or online distance learning. 

Along with our website, we have several outlets that keeps you informed on what is going on at the School District of Athens. In correlation with the our website we have a mobile app “Athens Bluejays” which is available in both Android and Apple products. Extra curricula activities such as sporting events and music concerts are available live at are streaming site Bluejay TV. You can also follows on social media at our Facebook and Twitter accounts. Check them out today!

Nathan Brost
Technology Support Specialist 
School District of Athens